The Keurig’s coffee makers have become a staple in many kitchens.  The options of being able to brew a single cup of hot coffee, tea or hot cocoa at the push of a button and even a cold brew capability in many of the designs, is a life saver for those who like to have the fresh brewed taste with every cup.

You have the ability to choose flavored coffee’s, teas or cocoa’s that you like with the many varieties of K-cups available to you.  It’s also wonderful if there is more than one person drinking coffee or tea because you can choose the flavor that suits your taste instead of brewing an entire pot.

The Keurig’s have come a long way from when they where initially offered to the public.  Now you can choose a Keurig that brews a cup, mug or entire carafe at the touch of a button.  So if you find a variety that you like and want to make more at one time, you can and without the burnt taste that most coffee makers leave at the bottom of the pot.

If you prefer not to use the K-cup coffee or coffee pods, you can use the washable, reusable coffee filter.  Just put the filter, filled with your favorite coffee roast or tea blend, where you would place the pod.  Continue as you would with a K cup or pod with your Keurig to get your perfect refreshment.

Below you will find the different Keurig’s that are available for you to use in your own home. There is a Keurig classic series and the Keurig’s plus series.  The classic series is a single cup brewing machine, with the ability to choose a small variety of sizes.  The plus series offers you the ability to choose a cup, mug or carafe size brewing capabilities.  They also offer you more options as far as strength of the brew and larger carafe’s.

Read on below and look at the options along with the prices that each machine offers you.  There is also a link below each review that will take you to an Amazon page where you will find more consumer reviews to help you make the best choice for your home.

If you have any questions or would like to leave any experiences that you have had with the Keurig’s to help others make a better decision about purchasing one, please leave them below 🙂

Classic Series

Keurig K 15

Brew Size: 6-8-10 oz size cups
Size: Compact size (10.8″H x 6.9″W x 10.7″D)
Price:  $67.70

*Brews Hot & Cold Beverages
*Removable Drip Tray
*Button Controls
*Automatic Turn Off
*Brews in Under 2 Minutes
*Multiple Colors Available
*K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter Compatible
*Does Not Have a Water Reservoir (you fill with the amount of water for the cup size you want)

The Keurig K-15 is part of the Keurig classic series. This model is compact so it’s perfect for apartment and dorm living. Offering you a perfect cup of hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate or ice brewed blends at the touch of a button.  This model does not have a display screen available.

If you’re looking for a Keurig that is small but mighty, this may be the right model for you. You can read more reviews at Amazon.Com and see what other people think about the Keurig K-15 to see if it’s the right model for you. Click Here for more reviews or to purchase.

Keurig K55

Brew Size:  6-8-10 oz size cups
Size:  13.0″H x 9.8″W x 13.3″D
Price:  $93.02

*Removable 48oz Water Reservoir
*Brews in Under 1 Minute
*Water is Always Ready to Brew
*Programmable On & Off
*Choose 3 Different Cup Sizes to Brew
*Brews Hot & Cold Drinks
*K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter Compatible

The Keurig 55 model is a little larger than the Keurig K15. This model offers you a water reservoir, this means that you just remove the reservoir from the Keurig unit, fill it with the cold water, replace and brew.

The K15 model doesn’t have the water reservoir so you have to fill it with the amount of water you want, depending on the cup size you are brewing, each time you want to brew. Also like the K15 model, the K55 model does not have a display screen. The K55 model is ready to go at all times as long as there is water in the reservoir.

If you are looking for a Keurig that is ready to go when you want to brew but still want a little smaller size for your kitchen, then this may be the right fit for you. You can read more reviews at Amazon.Com. To read about what other customers have to say about the K 55, or to purchase,  Click Here.

Keurig K-Select

Brew Size: 6-8-10-12 oz size cups
Size: 12.5″H x 9.2″W x 11.6″D
Price: $136.06


*Has Strong Brew Button Feature
*52 oz Water Reservoir
*Programable On-Off
*Brews in Under a Minute
*Quiet Brew Technology
*Available in Matte Black

The K-Select Keurig model offers much of the same as the K55 except for a few extras. You have the capability of brewing in a 12oz size where as the K55 only allows you to brew up to a 10 oz size. This model also offers you a 52oz water reservoir compared to the 48oz with the K55 model.

The Keurig K Select also offers you the option of brewing a stronger more robust cup of coffee with it’s strong brew button feature, the other 2 above don’t have this feature available to you. Like the other brewers in the select series, this does not have a display screen. To read more reviews about the Keurig K Select at Amazon, or to purchase,  Click Here.

Plus Series


Keurig K250 

Brew Size:  6-8-10 oz size cups & 22-26-30oz size carafe
Size:  15″L X 9″W X 13.7″H
Price: $129.99


*2″ Touch Display Screen
*Compact Size
*40oz Water Reservoir
*Can Brew Both Cups & Carafe
*Bold Brew Button
*Can Dispense Hot Water Only

The Keurig K250 is the smallest of the plus series. It offers you more than the higher end of the Keurig classic series but in a more compact size than the other plus series machines.

This coffee brewing machine offers you the ability of making a single cup of coffee, tea and cocoa or a full carafe between 22-30 oz size. You also have the ability to dispense just hot water by opening and closing the brewer handle, without a pod inserted.

To learn more about the Keurig K250 by reading more reviews about this machine or to purchase, Click Here and you will be taken to Amazon.


Keurig K475

Brew Size: 4-6-8-10-12oz Cup Size 22-26-30oz Carafe Size
Size: 10.43”L x 13.63”W x 13.45”H
Price: $139.99


*2.4″ Color Touch Display Screen
*Programmable Settings
*70oz Water Reservoir
*Strength Control Settings (for a bolder beverage)
*5 Temperature Settings (allowing you to choose how hot you want your beverage)
*Programmable Settings Allowing You to Set Your Keurig to Go On & Off When You Want
*Dispenses Hot Water Only

The Keurig K475 offers you a few more features compared to the K250 model. You have a larger, colored touch display screen, making it easier to see.

This Keurig model also offers you the ability to adjust your temperature settings so that your beverage is the exact temperature that you want. Along with the temperature settings, you also have the ability to choose a bolder brew, just like the K250 model.

The K475 model also comes with a larger water reservoir, 40oz size, which will allow you to brew up to 8+ cups before it needs to be refilled.  If you only want hot water, you can simply open and close the brewer handle without a pod inserted.

With the programmable clock feature you can set your Keurig to go on and off when you want it to. Allowing you to save energy and have the water ready when you want your beverage.

To read more reviews about the Keurig K475 or to purchase this machine, Click Here and it will take you to Amazon.

Keurig K575

Brew Size:  4-6-8-10-12oz Cup or 22-26-30oz Carafe
Size:  10.43”L x 13.63”W x 13.45”H
Price:  $159.99

*Extra Large Color Display Screen
*Digital Clock Allowing You To Program On & Off
*Nightlight Settings Allowing You to Choose The Color
*Bold Brew Button
*80oz Reservoir
*Hot Water on Demand Button
*Energy Saver Mode
*Cord Storage
*High Altitude Setting

The Keurig K575 is the ultimate brewing machine, offering you every convenience possible with a beverage brewing machine. You have the ability to have hot water on demand with the push of a button,or choose a bolder brew with the push of a button.

This Keurig model also offers you a nightlight option with color choices and the ability to set your machine to turn on and off so you can conserve energy but still have it ready when you want to use it.

The water reservoir is the largest available as well, 80oz size, allowing you to brew up to 10+ cups of your favorite beverages before having to refill. You can also have your favorites stored so that you can have that perfect brew with the touch of a button every time.

To learn more about the Keurig K575 and read reviews or to purchase, Click Here and you will be taken to Amazon.