KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachments

Here you will find attachments for your KitchenAid stand mixer.  There are so many available that can easily turn your stand mixer into the only thing needed in your kitchen.

You can have everything from pasta rollers, cutters and ravioli makers to a food processor, ice cream maker, juicers and spiralizer attachments.

There is absolutely nothing that your KitchenAid 

stand mixer can’t do for you in your kitchen, with the ease of all of the attachments available for you.  Most of the attachments connect directly into the power hub of your stand mixer but there are some that connect only to certain sized mixers.

Below you will find the many different attachments available for your KitchenAid stand mixer. You will also see what each attachment offers you to make your kitchen tasks easier and fun, along with how it connects to your KitchenAid stand mixer.

The price of each attachment and a link to read more reviews or to purchase through Amazon will be available at the end of each review of the product.

I have looked at the prices on other websites and I have to say that if you have an Amazon Prime Account, then you have free 2 day shipping and the prices are generally $20 below other retailers, after shipping.

If  you have used any of the attachments and would like to offer your experience with the use of them, please leave your opinions, or if you have any questions, please leave them below in the comment section.

                KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachments

KitchenAid Ravioli Maker

Price:  $119.00

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  The ravioli maker allows you to make 6″ sheets of pasta that have rows of 3 large pocket style ravioli’s, about 24 per sheet.

It is recommended to use this attachment with the KitchenAid pasta roller attachment.

This is a hand cranked unit that attaches to the power hub of your stand mixer and allows you to fill the ravioli pockets with whatever filling you’d prefer.

Comes With:  

  • Wide Roller to make 6″ sheets
  • Ravioli filling Scoop
  • Cleaning Brush


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KitchenAid Pasta Roller

Price:  $63.99

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  The pasta roller attachment is compatible to use with all of the KitchenAid pasta cutters, including the ravioli maker.

This attachment will roll out 6″ long sheets of pasta dough to be used with your pasta cutters.

You will can choose 8 different settings for dough thickness.  You will want your dough a bit thicker or thinner depending on the pasta you want.

Comes With:

  • Stainless Steel Roller
  • Stainless Steel Cutter
  • Made in Italy


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KitchenAid Pasta Rack

Price:  $31.99

Attaches To:  Sets Alone

About:  The pasta drying rack is a must have if you are making your own pastas.  Simply set it up on a table close to where you’re making pasta.

You are able to dry up to 4lbs of pasta at a time with this drying rack.

The rack has multiple drying arms that fold together for easy storage but also allows you to use multiple arms for pastas or fold them in when not needed

Comes With:

  • Fold flat drying rack
  • Made of Plastic and metal
  • Dries 4lbs of Pasta 


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KitchenAid 3pc Pasta Roller & Cutter

Price:  $149.99

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  Rolls 6″ sheets of pasta dough in 8 different thickness choices.  Make your pasta to your desired thickness easily

Cut into spaghetti or fettuccine noodles with stainless steel attachments

Comes With:

  • Pasta Roller w/ 8 thickness settings
  • spaghetti cutter
  • Fettuccine cutter


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KitchenAid Gourmet Pasta Press

Price:  $139.99

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  6 disks to make spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fusilli pastas, plus an attachment to make large & small macaroni noodles.

There is a built in wire cutter allowing you to cut your pasta at your desired length

Comes With:

  • 6 interchangeable pasta design disks
  • pasta press & pusher
  • cleaning tool


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KitchenAid Pasta Cutter 2 pc Set

Price:  $99.00

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  2 commercial style stainless steel cutters that will allow you to make both lasagna noodles and angel hair pasta

The lasagnette attachment makes ribbon noodles for a classic design.

Comes With:

  • 2 Stainless steel cutter attachments
  • Make wide ribbon lasagna
  • make angel hair pasta


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KitchenAid 7 Blade Spiralizer

Price:  $95.99

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  The 7 blade spiralizer also includes the ability to core, peel and slice your veggies and fruits.

This gives you the ability to cut your produce into medium-fine & extra fine spirals

You can also core and peel any of your fruits and veggies making it easier to get right into making your favorite dishes healthier.

With 7 blades your healthy dish ideas are endless

Comes With:

  • 6 Interchangeable Blades
  • Peeling Blade
  • Corer


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KitchenAid Vegetable Sheet Cutter

Price:  $79.99

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  The vegetable sheet cutter allows you to cut your favorite fruits and veggies into large sheets

You have the choice of thin sheets or thick sheets with the dual blades

Use the sheet cutter attachment to make vegetable lasagna with ease or use a butternut squash.

layer your apple crisp  with sheets of apples for a new twist on desserts.

Comes With:

  • Thin Cutting Blade
  • Thick Cutting Blade
  • Storage Case


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KitchenAid Fruit & Vegetable Strainer

Price:  $79.00

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  The fruit and vegetable strainer set allows you to puree your fruits and veggies easily with the peels.

The included food grinder is used to break down your fruits and veggies completely

The peels are removed with the strainer cone making it easy to prepare homemade sauces, jams and purees,

You can also grind meats, cheeses and breads

Comes With:

  • Grinder Plate
  • Coarse Plate
  • Strainer


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KitchenAid Masticating Juicer & Saucer

Price:  $139.00

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  This juicer attachment comes with 3 straining abilities to make the perfect juices and sauces for your taste.

Choose to have no pulp to high pulp in your sauce or juice.  The extra wide feed tube lets you put your leafy greens along with large produce.

There are 3 pulp screens, a pitcher for your finished product and a waste container to dispose of the unwanted parts easy, all included.

Comes With:

  • 3 Pulp Screens
  • Pitcher
  • Waste Container


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KitchenAid All Metal Grain Mill Attachment

Price:  $99.00

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  The grain mill attachment gives you the ability to grind fresh corn, wheat, oats, rye, rice and buckwheat easily.

There are 12 grinding levels available for you to choose from.  You can choose a very coarse, “cracked”, texture all the way to an extra fine grinds.

If you’re looking to get away processed foods, then you may enjoy grinding your own grains for all of your cooking and baking needs. 

Comes With:

  • 1 Metal Grind Unit
  • 12 Grind Levels
  • Cleaning Brush


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KitchenAid Food Processor

Price:  $159.00

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  The food processor attachment has a commercial style dicing kit as well, giving you multiple uses.

Choose to dice, slice, shred or julienne your fruits, veggies and hard cheeses, easily have thin or thick slices with the slicing lever.

This comes with a storage case that fits your shredding disc, slicing disk, julienne disk and dicing kit.  The storage case keeps everything in one place.

Comes With:

  • Food Processor
  • 4 Cutting Disks
  • Storage Case


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KitchenAid Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder

Price:  $39.99

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  This comes with a 3mm blade for slicing veggies, 4mm blade for shredding cheeses & a 6mm blade for finely shredding veggies.

Just attach the blade you wish to use to the power hub, push your food through the 2 in 1 pusher and let it fall into the dish

Stores easily in it’s own case and is dishwasher safe

Comes With:

  • 3 Blades (3,4,6mm)
  • 2 in 1 Food Pusher
  • Storage Case


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KitchenAid Mixer Attachment Set of 3

Price:  $71.99

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  This 3 piece set offers you a sausage stuffer, citrus juicer & food grinder attachments, to use with meats & hard veggies or cheeses.

The sausage stuffer has 2 tubes, 3/8″ for breakfast style sausage & 5/8″ tube for larger sausages like Italian or Polish sausage.

Make fresh juice with the citrus juicer

Comes With:

  •  2 Sausage Stuffing Tubes
  • Food Grinder w/Food Tray
  • Citrus Juicer


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KitchenAid Sausage Stuffer Kit

Price:  $54.99

Attaches To:  Power Hub

About:  This sausage stuffer kit comes in combination with the food grinder attachment.  This will allow you to freshly grind your meat before stuffing.

The sausage can be stuffed with the 3/8″ tube for breakfast style links or the 5/8″ for bratwurst or polish sausage.

Make sausage easily with this combo

Comes With:

  • Grinder 
  • Fine & Coarse Grind Plates
  • 3/8″ & 5/8″ Stuffing Tubes


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KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker

Price:  $63.99

Attaches To:  Bowl Holder (4.5qt model & Up)

About:  Does Not Fit Models KSM6573C & KSM7

Make up to 2 quarts of your favorite frozen treats

Your frozen desserts are done in 20-30min Freeze your bowl for 24 hours before use

Make sorbets, ice creams  or frozen yogurts for homemade desserts.

Comes With:

  • Freezer Safe Bowl
  • Dasher
  • Drive Assembly
  • Recipes


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KitchenAid Heating Bowl-Tilt Head Style

Price:  $199

Attaches To:  Bowl Holder (4.5qt model & Up)

About:  Use with tilt head stand mixer

Select temperatures between 70-220*F

Digital temperature and timer display plus an easy view glass lid.

Melt chocolates, fondues, temper chocolate, proof dough or make soups

Comes With:

  • Cooking Bowl
  • Easy View Glass Lid
  • Flex Edge Beater/Whip/Dough Hook


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KitchenAid Heating Bowl-Bowl Lift Style

Price:  $222.49

Attaches To:  Bowl Holder (4.5qt model & Up)

About:  Use with Bowl-Lift Models

Choose temperature setting of 70-220*F

Easy to read digital display and digital timer that is good up to 10 hours

Melt caramels, temper chocolates, make fondues, soups and even proof dough

Comes With:

  • Cooking Bowl
  • Easy View Glass Lid
  • Flex Edge Beater/Whip/Dough Hook


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If you have any questions or comments you would like to share, please leave them below.  Any feedback about any of the KitchenAid attachments that you may have tried would be greatly appreciated by everyone!

Thank You For Visiting Gadgets For Your Kitchen 🙂

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