The Best Food Processors of 2022

A food processor is a must have in your kitchen if you enjoy making lots of fresh meals, snacks and baked goods. Finding the best food processor that can take away the time consuming duties of dicing, cutting, crushing and mincing, just to name a few things, out of the preparation of your recipes is really easy.

Food processors can cost as little as $50 for a small unit to a few hundred if you’re looking for one that can be used everyday and withstand the daily tasks you have planned for it!

If you’re just looking to shred some veggies for a salad or some nuts for baking the perfect cookie recipe then you won’t need a higher end food processor. You should be considering a lower priced, but still great quality food processor. Let’s dive into some of the things to consider before you buy.

What Should You Consider Before Investing in The Best Food Processor For You?

  1. How large of a feeding chute do you need to accommodate your ingredients to be processed? If your going to be using smaller ingredients like herbs, nuts, carrots, celery, etc., then a smaller chute will work just fine for you. However, if you’re going to be pushing zucchini’s or other larger produce chunks through the chute, you’ll need to make sure that it can accomodate your needs.
  2. What blades do you want included with your food processor? Are you looking to dice, shred, slice or grate your ingredients? Some food processors offer a larger variety of blades to complete these tasks while some only offer a basic blade allowing you to shred or slice in one size.
  3. You’ll want to make sure that your food processor offers a pulsing action so that you can control the amount of chopping or pureing of your ingredients.
  4. How large do you need? The food processors come in a wide range of sizes allowing them to be compatible in everyone’s kitchen no matter how small or large your kitchen is. You can find a small 4 cup machine or a machine that can handle up to 20 cups of ingredients per use. The size you choose is completely a personal choice for you, the cook.
  5. Make sure the motor is strong enough to handle the jobs that you intend to use it for. If you’re looking to make doughs with your food processor you will need a 600 watt motor at least, to complete the job efficiently without worrying about burning out the motor.
  6. You’ll want to make sure that your machine is dishwasher safe so that your cleanup is as easy as your ingredient preparation was using your food processor. Keep in mind that your blades shouldn’t be put in a dishwasher they should be hand washed keeping your blades from becoming dull.
  7. Some food processors have push buttons instead of a smooth touchpad for your controls. You should really consider only buying one with the smooth touchpad controls because your cleanup is much easier and you won’t need to worry about food getting stuck between the buttons.
  8. What is the warranty on the food processor that your interested in? Majority of the food processors out there have at least a limited 1 year warranty. Larger brands like kitchenaid and cuisinart offer extended warranties which also cover the motors if they burn out. If you find that the food processor you choose has one of the extended warranties and that the motor is covered on it, you can bet that it’s a very good appliance that will last.
  9. Make sure that the food processor that you choose has a wider base so that it’s not wobbly when you’re using it. Just keep in mind that your pushing ingredients through a shoot and you don’t need to be balancing your food processor while trying to push your ingredients steadily through the chute.
  10. The final thing to consider before investing in your food processor is that you absolutely love the color and design of it. This is a larger kitchen appliance and can be a bit pricey depending on what you need it to do for you so you want it to make you smile when you look at it on your countertop.

What Are Our Top Picks For a Food Processor?

Taking all the considerations that are mentioned above I have compiled the top 5 food processors for you to take a peek at and see if it’s the one you need in your kitchen.

One of the main things I don’t consider when doing reviews on products is the price. I prefer to look at the quality of a product along with personal reviews from others before purchasing a product for myself and I’m doing it the same way for you.

The 5 Best Food Processors of 2020

The Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

The Ninja Professional Plus food processor has excellent reviews among consumers.  You will find a 1000 watt motor with this machine allowing you to not only dice, chop and puree foods but feel free to make doughs as well.  You will appreciate that there are 4 preset auto-IQ buttons for dicing, shredding and pureeing foods with a simple touch of a button.

If you would like the ability to grind meats, you will have the  ability to do so with this machine, just make sure that it's de-boned first.  Making fresh churned butter or ice cream is simple with the powerful motor the Ninja provides.  You will find an average size bowl, allowing for up to 9 cups of food to be processed before having to empty it and you will find that a very pleasant feature. 


Upon reading 100's of reviews about this model the main complaint was that it may be to powerful while chopping fresh produce.  If the pressure isn't constant and steady you may end up with uneven slicing of your fruits and veggies.   To be honest with you, that can happen with any food processor.  If you don't keep steady pressure on the food that is being pushed through the chute, while dicing and slicing, you will end up with uneven cuts.

People where also a bit disappointed with the size of the feeding chute.  It is smaller than other models so you'll need to cut up larger foods so that they can fit inside and be processed. 

Below you can have a closer look at how the Ninja Professional Plus food processor looks and how it comes together in the youtube video.

Let’s Look at The Pros & Cons of The Ninja Professional Food Processor


1000 Watt High Speed Motor

Powerful Enough to Make Doughs

4 Pre-Set Programs 

Will Grind Deboned Meats

Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe


The Feeding Tube is Narrow

No Additional Attachments Available


Overall this is a great machine especially for the price of $99.  If you're buying your first food processor and were only looking to do simple slicing and dicing with it, I would highly recommend this machine for you.  When you get use to using it and want  to experiment doing more things like making fresh bread or pizza dough, you will have the ability to test your skills with this machine.

If you're looking for a food processor that has attachments available, such as, a french fry cutting blade or a spiralizer, you won't find the available attachments that you want.  Maybe in the future Ninja will offer more blade options for this model, that would be amazing especially because this model has such a powerful motor.

You can learn more about the Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor at Amazon.  Click the link below and it will take you to this product where you can read more reviews from consumers and decide if this is a good fit for your kitchen needs.

PRICE:  $99.00 USD

#2 Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor

The Cuisinart custom 14 cup food processor offers you a shredding disk, slicing disk and a chopping blade.  Both the chopping blade and the disks are made of stainless steel assuring you a razor sharp blade every time you use them.  

This food processor comes with 2 pushers one large and one smaller that fits within the the large pusher.  Having both size pushers is a nice feature if you like to grind fresh herbs and spices not to mention nuts.  The smaller the foods that you're going to be processing, having a smaller chute keeps them from popping back at you when they hit the blade.

You will find a 720 watt motor with this machine, not as strong as the Ninja above but this will still pack a punch when you use it.  You won't find a dough hook with this machine but others who have used it to make dough have had no problem when using the included blade.  

I'm not sure if you watch The America's Test Kitchen but this was their top pick in 2019 as the best food processor for the value.  On this show they definitely put products on the table and make sure that they can do everything that they say they can do.

I have read numerous reviews about this food processor on many different sites and overall people are satisfied with the product that they purchased.  Some of the biggest raves about this machine is its ability to not overheat after 5 minutes of use, it gets the job done the first time.  

The largest negative review about this product is that there can be some uneven chopping especially with onion and cabbage.  The produce is said to get stuck on the side of the blades instead of hitting it in the center when being pushed down.  For me that's not a big deal and can happen with most food processors.  You just open it up when you finish and put the larger pieces back through, but that's just my opinion.

In the video below you can see exactly what the Cuisinart Custom Food Processor can do for you in your kitchen.


What Are The Pros & Cons of The Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor?

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